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     Shanghai Ormandy Conveyor Equipment Co., Ltd. ORMANDY industrial groups for the subordinate affiliated enterprises in China has been committed to providing the most benefit to your satisfaction the exact transmission delivery solutions business unit consists of transmission and distribution division. Main products ORMANDY brand and agency import all kinds of brand belts, industrial conveyor belts and all kinds of automation components and automated conveyor. The products are widely used in papermaking, textile, pharmaceutical, tobacco, petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, wood, automotive, steel, food and beverage, electronics, wire and cable, tire rubber, packaging printing, machinery manufacturing, postal logistics, glass and ceramics building materials and other industries.

    Transmission Division: rubber timing belts, polyurethane timing belt, special timing belt, timing belt and all kinds of supporting Pulley, open belt, Teflon belt, belt, hexagonal belt, wide belt (water tower with ), multi-groove belt (ribbed / multi-groove belt), joint belt, shaped belt, transmission belt, round belt, chip baseband (plane high-speed zone), active zone, universal belt, belt, spindle tapes, traction band, printing conduction band, non-standard processing and various types of materials with industrial belt, the belt can add baffle, lead articles, skirts, sponge, foam, red rubber, PU material, PVC material, pattern, canvas, slotting, drilling, edging, turning, access, all kinds of belt gears, gear shaping tool, belt tension devices, bearings, bushings, couplings.
Conveyor Division:
    Conveyor Accessories: flat top chain plate, modular network chain, keel chain, sprocket, tin frame, aluminum rails, cushion section, wear section, connectors, bottles hanging article, roller, rail, fence clips, rail brackets , foot plate, foot, frame, bracket, rail, Comb transition plate, screw and star wheel, freestyle roller, snap-on roller, force the roller, packing roller, tapered roller, roller and so on.
    Transport equipment: level, climbing, vertical, turning, screw, clamp, hang, flip, rotate, orbit transfer, the form of flexible chain conveyor systems and stacker conveyor, unloading stacking machine, folder bottle machine sealing machine, bottle storage units, twist bottle, cooling machine, warm bottle machine, turn pot device, transmission can platform, pour the bottle sterilization machines and other equipment.
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